We regularly schedule weekend trips, as well as daytrips, to various museums and exhibitions around the country for our members and others that may be interested. These trips focus on art from the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries.

The Kunstverein Freiburg seeks to afford participants in these excursions knowledge of broader, international trends in contemporary art, as well as the opportunity to better acquaint themselves with and understand various perspectives regarding it. Additionally, one of our goals with these trips is to try and strike a balance between this manner of reflection and, just as saliently engaged with, the pure enjoyment of this art.

With these excursions, we would like to provide participants the opportunity to be utterly enraptured by art, to better acquaint themselves with places in which it is being cultivated, and, at the same time, to discover a discourse of various themes and questions that are meaningful in the context of contemporary art.

More Information

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