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Art and Local Schools

It is often the case that contemporary art is germane to the social and cultural experiences of our youth. For this reason, the Kunstverein Freiburg is pleased to be able to offer tours of current exhibitions to school classes of all levels. It is our mission to pass along to students a broad understanding and awareness of contemporary art.

Typically, information sessions are held during the opening weeks of our exhibitions, where teachers have the opportunity to find out about the nature of the art of which these exhibitions consist in preparation for a trip with their classes to the Kunstverein. In this way, teachers may take a more active part in the tours, as well as be aware of some of the most salient features of the exhibits.

KKK – KinderKünstlerKunst – Family Workshop

**The art education programs at the Kunstverein Freiburg are supported by
NERSCHAU Mal- und Künstlerfarben**

Workshops for children, young adults and seniors Art Education by Artists at the Kunstverein Freiburg Art Education The Kunstverein Freiburg considers the education of children, young adults, and seniors in art an essential part of running an art gallery. Our pedagogical approach is based upon a concept developed in April 2006 by Wiebke Trunk (an independent curator and artist based in Stuttgart), whereby workshops were led by twenty local artists committed to developing methods for art education. This approach uses as a springboard the idea that the best perspectives on art stem from artists themselves. In the foreground, then, are not necessarily theoretical ways of interpreting art, but rather the spontaneous and creative process of producing it. As a result, the creative potential of all involved is enriched immensely, and is actively woven into their lives. Participants may work with chalk, colored markers, charcoal, paint, etc.—the materials used are as diverse as the workshops offered, as well as the artists that lead these workshops.

Registration Information

Registration costs are commensurate with the typical price of group admission in a museum, i.e. a group of up to 17 students costs 25,- €, with each additional student costing 1,50 €. Additionally, the cost of materials is 1,- € / student. The cost of registration for senior workshops is 5,- € / person, including the cost of materials. If you are interested in participating in one of our workshops, please register with us as soon as possible (via Email, Fax or mail—see registration form). Should you like more information regarding upcoming workshops, feel free to contact us at anytime.

Family Workshops

On the first Sunday of the opening week of an exhibition, at 2:30 in the afternoon, we invite everyone from young to old to join us for our family workshops. Under the guidance of an artist, children of all ages are encouraged to undertake individual artistic projects. For parents, these workshops offer a fantastic opportunity to explore the current exhibit. Tours On two evenings during our exhibitions, at 7 p.m., we offer tours of the gallery for free. If you are interested, you can find out the exact dates at: T: 49 761 349 44 F: 49 761 349 14

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