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About the Kunstverein Freiburg

The Kunstverein e.V. was established in 1827 and, as a result, ranks among the oldest art associations in Germany. The history of its programs is a veritable 'who’s who' of early modernism up through the avant-garde movements of the early 20th century. The Kunstverein Freiburg has since developed into an institution that has maintained this strong reputation, and which focuses exclusively on current trends in contemporary art. In 1997, the Kunstverein moved to the Marienbad, located at Dreisamstrasse 21. Formerly a swimming pool, the building was renovated in accordance with the exigencies of running an art gallery. Today it offers a spacious exhibition hall, with a height of 9 meters and a surface area of approximately 400 square meters. The Hall is surrounded by the Gallery, which not only provides extra space for projects and exhibitions, but also offers the unique opportunity of viewing the Hall from above. Located on the same level as the Gallery is our library, which contains important publications dating primarily from the 1960s onwards. Our library is open to members of the public upon request; if interested, contact us by email, phone, or fax.

Our M.O.

The Kunstverein Freiburg focuses on fundamental questions concerning the production of, presentation of, education of, and preconditions for contemporary art. Today, art is emerging as a product of attentive observation of social and political themes, and is doing so a myriad ways. The borders between individual disciplines, e.g. the visual arts, fashion, architecture, music, and theater, are often blurred. These liminal spaces between artistic formats, in turn, may yield new ways of perceiving the sensible; indeed, they may provide new material for that which is perceived. In regards to the work that we exhibit, we are primarily interested in that which limns robust ties to the particular epoch and cultural context from which it stems.


Through free guided tours, lectures provided by professionals in the field, as well as discussions regarding current exhibitions, we at the Kunstverein Freiburg are committed to art education, specifically the education of our youth. As a result, we seek to establish contact with schools, colleges, academies, and universities, in order to stage encounters between young people and contemporary art. The intention here is to demonstrate how art can be used and enjoyed in daily life, and to dispel the sense of inapproachability that commonly exists in relation to visual art in general. We hope that the Kunstverein Freiburg will serve as lively and vital site for meaningful discussions regarding contemporary art.



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